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Report on evaluation study of the implementation of the flagship programme DDUSY in the State of Arunachal Pradesh by NEDFi

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Frequently asked questions on DDUSY


1) Register an account by going to this page https://ddusyarunachal.in/user-registration/
2) Username: While creating a User Name, make sure the User Name matches your name, it will help to track your application better.
For example, if your Name is Steven Swan, then create a User Name like Steven Swan or if that username is taken Create another matching User Name like StevenSwan01. Creating a Username that doesn’t match your name will only create problems with regard to tracking or tracing the status of your application
Use strong PW with a combination of numbers, letters and symbols

3) Uploads: Applicants are requested to name the document before uploading. For EX, if you are uploading your ST certificate, make sure the document name is named as ST Certificate and not as Watsapp 2625252, downloads 373637,
4) Contact numbers: Pls make sure you use a working email id & phone number that belongs to you. Do not use the contact details of your friends and family.